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Hydro-Ax land clearing
summer is finally here!!
Happy New Year
Happy New year!!

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Constructing a House,Barn,Shop or Mobile Home Pad
Monday October 18th Pole Barn pad
December, Lime stabilizing
January 2011


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hard surface parking or storage site construction

I may never recieve any prizes for my literary skills, I just try and explain the methods and processes used in a way that the average joe can understand!!
We just wrapped up a 3.4 acres pipe yard for JC Inspections in Porter Tx and I would like to explain and discuss some of the steps and techniques used in the construction of the site.
The first step site  to clear and grub the entire 3.4 acres and haul off the trees brush and stumps and grub the entire site with the rake attached to the front of the dozer blade.

December, Lime stabilizing

Well I wanted to discuss some types of stabilizing today.
We are doing a three acre lay down yard for JC Inspections in Porter and will be doing stabilizing late this week and into next week in preparation for eight inches of crushed concrete.
There are many types of stabilizing materials Lime, fly ash, carbide, these can be  either in dry form or a slurry depending on your desired method of application or needs.  once this is determined you can use a mixer much like a overgrown garden tiller to mix the lime in with the soil to the needed depth and compact for the 24 to 48 hour cure time then perform the mixing again for the final time compacting and then allowing the desired finish grade to be achieved for your project.

June. pond construction

Well these past few months have been busy, my wife is pregnant and were having a boy in September.  I just wanted to touch on a few tips and pointers for pond construction today.
When digging your pond you should select a naturally low area that can help with natural drainage to your new pond, when you start digging you need to take the first few feet or however much natural topsoil you have on  the location of the pond and set it aside for dressing the area around the pond after the excavation is complete.

Constructing a House,Barn,Shop or Mobile Home Pad

Its been awhile, I have been extremely busy in Kurten Tx.  I want to explain some methods and ways to construct a House or Mobile Home pad today.  There are many ways to do this and the below are a few methods I employ in doing a house or mobile home,shop pad etc.  These are my opinions and I suggest anyone to do your own research and seek advice or ask questions when undertaking this or any other project of dirt work.
When Constructing a pad for a home first you need to determine where the pad will be placed and be sure that it is fairly level, once this is accomplished you will need to strip the area  4 to 6 inches.

January 2011

Well Its the New Year and its off to a good start!  This particular entry I will be explaining the methods and levels of Land Clearing in comparison to basic Underbrushing.
Land Clearing is the complete and or selective clearing of a piece of property for recreational,Agricultural or commercial use depending on the property owners desired end use.
Generally Land clearing is done with a bulldozer or excavator the size or number of pieces of equipment use will depend on the size of the property being cleared.

December is almost gone

Well it's getting closer to Christmas everyday, hope everyone's ready for next weekend.  We are going to be busy the last weeks of the year and looks like the first month of the New year.
I am going to start explaining some of the terms and methods used in our business to help people gain a better understanding of how things are done.
This week I will explain Underbrushing.  When you do underbrushing, it is the removal of all small trees bushes and brush usually up to about 6" or customer requirements.
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