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Happy New year!!

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Updates on Double B Dirt Worx activities
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Updates on Double B Dirt Worx activities

Its been awhile!

I know I have been away for awhile, since my last post My wife and I have added a baby boy to the family!! He was born on September 6th @ 9 Lb 3 ounces.   He is growing so fast its hard to keep up with him. 
 Work wise we have been really busy doing all types of large and small projects, recently we have completed a 1 acre pond For John Walker and his family in Cimmaron on 1488 done a few lot clearing projects a few home pads and most recently are in the middle of doing a three acre lay down/ pipe yard for JC Inspections in Porter off of Gene Campbell and East Industrial Parkway!

New Photos of Murphy project in Magnolia TX

 I have just uploaded new pictures of the Murphy project in Clear Creek Forest over off of Nichols Sawmill in Magnolia!!  This month is going great we are extremely busy and welcome any and all inquires for more projects!!


Well March has been a super busy month.  We have been doing anything from clearing to dirt work and fence row leveling. 
 We were invited to join the Better Business Bureau and should have their link on our web site soon and they will be creating a web site for us on their site and should be available soon.
  We also have started accepting Visa, Mastercard and Discover Cards so don't wait we our busy and recieving phone calls and emails on a daily basis for more prospective work.

December 14th

  Well its almost Christmas and work is picking up, which a good thing for this time of year.  We will be starting an 8 acre underbrushing job this week and hopefully will have it wrapped up by Christmas. 
  I have been getting alot of calls and emails so if your looking to have some work done, let me know asap so we can get you on the books.  I hope everyone has a great week.


Well the Holidays are upon us, just wrapped up a job in Conroe  For the Grundens and it turned out very well have pics of the job on my facebook page. 
  I received a phone call this afternoon we will be underbrushing 8 acres in Magnolia starting next week, looks like were going to be busy the next few weeks.   Have a 12 acre leveling job to look at West of Huntsville this weekend. This month is going to be busy so call me now if you need any work done.

Weekend and Holidays

  Well the weeekend is upon us again lest hope the rains if any aren't to bad.  I had some calls and emails this week, nothing really worked out yet.  I hope this slump ends soon I really would like to have some work for a few days.  I hope everyones weekend is great and watch out for the Ren Fest traffic in Magnolia this weekend its tough!!

Work and other things

Well its Friday, I know alot of people will be hunting in the morning good luck to all.  I picked up a small job this morning for next week, I will be cleaning up around a small pond with the backhoe and will postpicturesof the before during and after.
  I am smoking some pork today for pulled pork and later will be doing some chili to help with this cold weather we have upon us.  I hope everyones weekend is great and look for some pictures of the work next week.  We will have the


Brian and Brandi
Well its almost Wednesday of this week, Its been kind of slow hopefully it will pick up soon.  I have some Clearing to look at to bid this week so hopefully that will turn out well.  I did some grading for the Mills last week and it turned out well and Terry was very pleased.  Thanks Crystal and Terry!!  We are supposed to be  getting a cool front late this week, we sure could use some rain.
   If you or anyone  you know needs some work done while we have dry weather its the time to get it done.

End of the month

Well the end of the month is upon us!  October has been a steady month and hopefully November will be as well, the last few week we have done some great work and I have the pics up on our face book wall to check out. 
  I am going to spend the afternoon running some errands with my wife and visiting my family over at my grandmothers house.  i hope everyone has a  great Sunday afternoon and Stay safe!


Well this week is going great!  I have posted the pictures of our projects completed this week on our facebook page showing the progress of each one.  I am really pleased with the way they have turned out .  I dont usually wish for rain , but we could use a little to keep the dust down.  
I added a picture of me and my wife to my homepage today on the web page so that people could see the faces of Double B Dirt worx.  Hope everyones week is going well !  We are starting a grading job tomorrow morning doing some dress up around a barn and doing a short run of concrete washout for a drive way! 
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